Daycare nightmares that you don’t want to deal with

This week was my first day back to work after giving birth to my daughter a year ago.

I have mixed feeling about going back to work, but my husband’s company is starting to do layoffs so we want to be prepared in case he is one of the unlucky ones.

I looked around for over a month at the local daycares in the area. I made sure to tour every single one to make sure it would be the best fit for my daughters. When I toured this one facility I was in utter shock by what I saw. This particular facility didn’t have a central cooling system. It wasn’t like the cooling system was on the fritz and they were waiting for it to be repaired, they just didn’t have a cooling system. Instead this facility had a bunch of box fans all over the daycare rooms where the children would be! I was horrified! There were cords tapped to the floors all over which is a major trip hazard especially when you have young children who are just learning to walk and they are still unsteady on their feet! Not to mention that little fingers could easily fit into some of those fans. Kids are curious, and they love fans, I can totally see a curious child wanting to stick their fingers into the fan just to see what would happen. It seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Wouldn’t it just be easier to put the money into a cooling system that was safe for the children? I will not be using that facility for the care of my children!
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