Kevin’s mom was happy with the heating system

Kevin’s mom had been his world ever since he was born.

He never knew his dad since he had passed away when he was a year old.

His mom showed him pictures, but he often felt like a stranger in Kevin’s life. His mom worked so hard to give Kevin a good life, including taking him to the best schools. In turn, Kevin always vowed to take good care of his mom. She fell ill when he was older, and he chose to move back home and take care of her. That’s where he met a young lady who was a nurse, fell in love, and got married. She was quite understanding about the situation and helped out alot. One day Kevin was at work when his wife called saying they were having an issue with the heating unit. They were just going about their day when the old heating unit stopped blowing warm air into the house. Kevin’s wife had to get some portable heating units to keep the house warm. Kevin had no idea why the heating unit was acting that way. But, he suspected it was because the unit was quite old. He had been planning for some time to purchase a new heating system for the house, and it was crunch time. Kevin got in touch with a buddy who owners an HVAC business in the area. He wanted him to see which heating system would suit his house. It took about a week, but Kevin’s mom was quite happy once the new heating system was in place.


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