The thermostat temperature was not the actual temperature

I noticed some problems with the indoor temperatures a couple of weeks ago.

I had to continually turn down the temperature on the thermostat to make the room feel cooler.

The apartment used to feel comfortable when the temperature was 70°. It got to a point where I had to keep the temperature at 67° to feel the same type of comfort. When I found myself sweating inside of the house even though the temperature was 67 degrees, I knew something wasn’t right. I decided to go to the hardware store and I bought a thermometer for only a couple of bucks. I put it inside of my living room close to the area where the thermostat is located. I waited 12 hours and then I compared the temperature on the thermometer to the temperature on the thermostat. They seemed to be vastly different. The temperature on the thermostat, although hard to read, clearly said the indoor temperature was 82 degrees. The temperature on the thermostat was telling me that the temperature inside of my apartment was 67°. At that point, I decided to contact that building supervisor. I knew that I wasn’t crazy and now I had proof. The building supervisor agreed to look at the thermostat to see if it was properly reading the indoor temperature. The machine was off by 14 degrees. I had a new temperature control device installed the same day and now it’s 67° feels like a day at the North Pole. I will probably save a fortune on the cooling bills now that the thermostat is working properly.

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