Got a tour of HVAC technology in my own home

It’s rare that I get an afternoon off where I don’t have some other sort of responsibilities.

But the fact that I was off early to meet the HVAC technician at our house gave me some actual free time.

The HVAC professional was right on time as they always are. The HVAC technician was there to do the air conditioning tune-up prior to summer. Our summer spares no prisoners. It’s just blazing hot for four months in a row. So it’s in your very best interest to get the HVAC maintenance on the heat pump prior to summer setting in. I sure don’t ever want to suffer a breakdown of air conditioning in the middle of that sort of heat. So when the HVAC technician showed up and I had some time to kill, I asked if I could watch. The HVAC professional was more than happy to oblige. This ended up being a very valuable hour or so. While I’ve been a homeowner for more than 15 years now, I really never knew just how the heat pump worked. Spending time with the HVAC technician as he did the seasonal HVAC service introduced me to residential HVAC technology. And it was quite a revelation. I had no idea that the heat pump is so aptly named. It’s called a heat pump because that was the breakthrough of that HVAC technology. Pumping heat energy from one area to another allowed for cooler air to take its place and it balanced the humidity in the house as well.

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