I was worried when the toilet started leaking

All of us were working on the bathroom along with observed many drops of liquid that were forming a puddle behind the bathroom toilet.

All of us used a dry cloth and part of the section still seem to have drops of water forming right away.

All of us decided that a plumber was necessary and that person recommended us to get a professional that could help on the same day. Every one of us decided to get a second opinion and it was from a guy that we knew from many weird locations. Every one of us contacted the plumbers and found one that was available to work on the lake during the same day. Every one of us waited for a while until the plumbing service provider arrived. It seemed to take forever since we did not have use of our bathroom. The plumbing expert asked multiple questions and wanted to know more information about the condition of the pipes like whether or not they were copper. The plumbing professional eyeballed the fixtures in our bathroom but after several or 10 minutes, it seemed necessary to shut down the water in the house. The guy definitely took our bathroom completely apart. The sink along with the toilet were sitting outside. Every one of us seemed to be worried and then the plumbing corporation found a leak behind the wall. It was all downhill from there and we found out that the small leak we thought that we had was actually a much larger and far more significant problem.

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