Dual fuel plan was a better fit

I made the mistake of thinking I could have a heat pump system.

Thankfully I didn’t get to the replacement date before this happened.

I did some research as well as read all about the benefits of a heat pump system. With a heat pump you are moving the existing heat energy rather than creating it. It saves cash as well as so much energy doing this. If you bury the plan underground you are even using the ground temperature. Think about the winter. What is warmer, the air or below the soil? The same goes for summertime as well as cooling. I saved the cash as well as was ready to get my geothermal heat pump. When I started talking to my Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier he informed me the heat pump would not always work for me. This plan is meant for modest climates that don’t get below freezing. When it is colder than 40 degrees, there simply is no heat energy to use. It just makes sense. I was depressed that I wasn’t getting an efficient plan after all. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional then turned me onto dual fuel systems. This is where you combine a heat pump as well as a gas furnace. For most of the year a heat pump is handling the lake house temperature. It does all the a/c as well as most of the heating. When it gets legitimately cold, the plan automatically swings from electric to gas. The gas furnace tags in as well as handles those freezing days. You never have to go a day as well as freeze. It was a little more cash however I am happy that I changed what I was getting.
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