New house comes with an HVAC hiccup

It was sort of hard to believe.

My wife and I were actually going to be moving into our very own house.

Not only that, but we were moving into a house that was being newly built. After years of dealing with not so much quality heating and air, loud neighbors and steep rent, we were getting our own house. And that house came with some really great HVAC equipment. We bought in on a small, new development that fit our budget. Our house is 3 bedrooms and two full baths. It’s plenty of room for us right now and if we have children, I think we’re only going to have one. So having this house built seemed like just the right thing to do. We were able to choose from several floorplans as well as different grades of HVAC equipment. We went with the highest SEER rating and all the HVAC technology we could get. It was worth paying a bit more for that to have the sort of quality heating and air we wanted. But when we moved in, we noticed that something seemed a bit odd with the way the HVAC ductwork was laid out. It just didn’t make any sense. The HVAC air vents appeared to be in the most curious spots. I finally brought this up with the builder. Turns out that the HVAC contractor put in ductwork for a different floorplan. But those HVAC professionals made short work of changing our ductwork to fit the floorplan that we chose. I have to say that we are just thrilled to be living here and the quality heating and air is everything we had hoped for.
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