Sizing with HVAC units

I recently learned about the importance of sizing when it comes to HVAC.

When I moved into my house I noticed that the HVAC unit just couldn’t keep up with my demands.

I was constantly adjusting the thermostat but getting nowhere. My HVAC kept running all day long, everyday. I finally called my local HVAC dealer because I worried it was dirty or damaged. The HVAC professional informed me the previous homeowner sized it down for heating and cooling. They bought too small of a HVAC unit, so it cannot achieve the desired temperature for the whole house. They were hoping to save some money and also knew the house needed a HVAC device in order to sell. I wasn’t pleased at all. I quickly got on it by buying a new HVAC unit. I wanted to get an oversized HVAC device this time. I didn’t want to deal with not being hot or cold enough. My HVAC professional talked me off the ledge though. He informed me sizing up has its own set of problems. Too large of a HVAC unit turns on and off frequently throughout the day since it can achieve the thermostat setting easily. The constant on and off of the unit is expensive for the homeowner. It also is hard on the unit. It will require more repairs and will have a reduced lifespan. Thankfully my HVAC contractor helped me choose the right size of heating and cooling unit. I now have perfect temperature control and my HVAC gets to take breaks only occasionally.

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