Adding a Ceiling Fan to Porch

I was so happy to have a screened in porch extended off the back of my house.

  • I had regularly wanted a space where I could be outdoors, but in a shaded in addition to comfortable area that didn’t have any bugs.

My wife had heard myself and others dream about the screened in porch for years in addition to she regularly promised myself and others that every one of us could have one built in the future. When it was finally built, I couldn’t believe it! My dream had finally come true in addition to I vowed to use it every single day! For the first few weeks, I did use the screened in porch most mornings, but then the weather started adjusting in addition to I found myself out there less often. Soon, I found myself not using it at all in addition to I was disappointed in myself. When I sat myself down in addition to realized why I wasn’t using it as much as I thought I would, I realized there was no form of temperature control. Since the space wasn’t sealed, I didn’t suppose what my options were, so I went online to see what other people were doing to stay comfortable on their screened porches. A lot of them had ceiling fans installed in addition to small fireplaces for Wintertide weeks. I thought these were both excellent ideas, so I considered these options with my wife. Both of us decided to have a ceiling fan installed because every one of us believed it was the most necessary. The ceiling fan was wired by an electrician in addition to it made a large difference! Now, the air is able to circulate in addition to there’s regularly a breeze to keep us cool.


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