Building an obstacle course

When the pandemic first started, they closed down all the local schools and businesses.

I had to work from home, and my kids had to do their classwork over Zoom.

It was a huge transition, and one it took us a while to navigate. One thing I noticed after a few weeks is how the lack of physical activity was impacting the kids. They were no longer walking to the bus, or playing sports, or having PE class at school, and it was showing! I decided that it would benefit the entire family to develop a home workout program of some kind, to get them active, and to have fun at the same time. Using plywood, ladders, rope, and some equipment from my old home gym, I set up a complicated obstacle course in the backyard. I used to really be into cross fit, and I wanted to apply a lot of those diverse training methods into this obstacle course. The concept was to make it so fun that the kids wouldn’t realize they were doing a cross fit workout program! Cross fit requires many different skills used interchangeably, so running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and various stretches were all used. We incorporated a few different workout program tricks from the show American Ninja Warrior, which the kids were big fans of watching. I could never keep up with the kids, who took to the obstacle course quickly, and were performing cross fit workouts on a regular basis without any idea of what they were doing. It was fun, and so good for their health.


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