My A/C Stopped Working During a Heatwave

I’ve constantly heard about air conditioning system systems giving out during the worst of times, but I never thought that I’d be in a situation like that myself.

  • Unluckyly, our lack of HVAC service caught up with myself and others plus our air conditioning system plan stopped working during 1 of the hottest heat waves, putting myself and others in a exhausting position.

I called the HVAC contractor plus asked them for help, however they were so busy that there was a 1 week waiting list. They said that if there were any cancellations, then they would call myself and others back. At first, I thought that I could survive in our cabin without an air conditioning system plan if I opened the doors plus windows. However, the open doors plus windows meant that the daylight was continuously beaming inside plus heating our apartment even further. I quickly realized that I needed to find anywhere else to stay. Thankfully, our parents didn’t live far away plus I was able to stay at their cabin where the air conditioning system legitimately worked. After a few afternoons went by, I called the HVAC contractor again to see if anyone had canceled, but I had no luck. I was just going to need to wait until our busy appointment. Although our parents were great, I missed our own bed plus I hated that I’d been so careless with our HVAC service, which led to a broken air conditioning system plan in the first site. I vowed to never miss another HVAC tune up again, especially during the Springtime!

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