My parents deal with the cold all year

My parents live way up north and a few years ago I moved down south. I have now fully adjusted to the southern heat. I basically run my cooling method 24/7. When it is cooler, it is a nice little treat. I care about not perspiring to death and legitimately putting on pants. It makes for a nice change of pace. My parents deal with colds basically all year. They do not even own an air conditioner. What they do have is numerous heating systems due to the extreme cold. I have l acquired my lesson on when I can and cannot visit. November to March are no go dates. It was way too freezing in the north then, then during the fall it can get downright freezing and the snow can come as early as Halloween. In the Spring it is wet, muddy and the nights are freezing. The dead of Wintertime brings about -20 degree conditions. I tried visiting before while all of us were in the freezing and couldn’t hack it. I hated going outside and dealing with snow. Inside wasn’t any better. Even with numerous heaters, their modern home isn’t exactly warm. When Spring rolls around my mother turns off the furnaces. She refuses to run them more than 6 weeks out of the year. So that means there are freezing weeks separate from heat in that house. I made a mistake one year ago. I froze my butt off since it was prefer 50 degrees inside the house. My parents acted prefer they were having a heatwave.


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