A mime met me at the door.

I got the coolest service call last week. The dispatcher sent me to a comedy club to make a repair on their air conditioning unit. I was told to knock on the side door and someone would let me in and show me to the air conditioning unit. I couldn’t believe that a mime greeted me at the door. He had full face paint on, and he waved me in. I tried to ask what was wrong with the air conditioning unit, but in true mime form, he frowned and motioned me forward. It didn’t take long for him to go through dozens of handkerchief and find the note attached at the end. The note told me what was happening with the air conditioning unit and let me know someone would be there within an hour to check on everything. I went right to work on the air conditioning unit. I changed the air filter and immediately looked at the fan motor. It surprised that everything looked so clean and appeared to be working well. The mime came back and made motioned like he was programming a thermostat. I asked where the thermostat was, and he took me to it. Someone had changed the program and instead of cooling from 12 PM to 1 AM, it was cooling from 1 AM until 12 PM. I jokingly asked him if he had made the changes, and he looked sad. He took a deep breath and spoke for the first time. He said he was trying to get it to turn on earlier and hit the wrong button.


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