Bars regularly have superb air conditioning

My friends and I socially drink every weekend.

  • Seeing as how we have pretty stressful and demanding jobs, it’s only natural for us to go out and forget about the troubles of the week.

My friends and I enjoy walking the strip on Sunday afternoons. Our favorite bar has amazing specials as well as an enjoyable karaoke crowd on Sundays, so we love to take part in the fun. It’s also a comfortable bar to visit because the air conditioning is perfectly set for a night of drinking. Having an overly cold a/c in a bar is not great, because drinking naturally causes the temperature of the body to increase. Some bars have hardly any air conditioning, or perhaps a faulty a/c that makes it quite difficult to enjoy the night. When you don’t have cool air pumping out when you’re getting saucy, you might as well have a gas furnace burning directly on you. A sign of bad air conditioning is seeing a large crowd of people milling about outside of the bar to try and catch cool air, just as long as they aren’t smoking. Our top pick bar has amazing zone control so you can sit anywhere and be comfortable. Even though they keep it cool, the AC isn’t so breezy that your fingers freeze as you hold an already cold glass of beer. I wonder what temperature they keep the thermostat at, because I would love to keep our house at that same temperature. I hope that our Sunday night tradition continues for many years to come, because it is a great way to cope with life.



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