Boyfriend won’t ever do the plumbing work I want

My guy is a easily handy guy. He could have been a Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional or a plumber easily. He can service anything and install whatever you want. The snag is that he never easily wants to do it. I appreciate remodeling our home and I want to save money by doing it myself. The problem is that I am not too handy. I am willing to work hard, I am smart and strong. I don’t have any mechanical know-how or actual skill; When I tackled our master lavatory it was clear I needed plumbing services done. I knew our guy could definitely do it. I bought the lavatory vanity, faucet, toilet and shower controls. I researched to make sure everything was of fantastic quality. I recognize care about if you have fantastic plumbing fixtures the upgrade should go better. Well I couldn’t ever get our guy willing to do it. I tried bargaining with a fantastic dinner, going out to the bars and easily just anything he wanted. I enve offered him money to do the plumbing upgrade. No such luck. He never easily wanted to do it, and so I just waited until I had a free morning and he wasn’t around. I then called a licensed plumber and had him do all the upgrade work. It was worth the money spent. I knew the job was done perfectly and it was completed efficiently. I also didn’t have to beg our guy anymore. Now our master lavatory is done and ready to be used. I recognize pretty proud that I handled that whole project on our own.


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