How a broken air conditioner helped heal our relationship

My girl and I have been together for four years, however the two of us recently encountered a difficult time.

The two of us got a puppy together a year ago.

We were devastated when he was hit by a car and killed two weeks ago. We have been so broken about it and not able to address our emotions, so the two of us decided to take a short vacation. As we began the trip, we were still feeling down and uncertain, but when we started driving, it got even worse. Three hours into the trip, our air conditioner gave out. Normally, I would have said let’s try to make it to the vacation spot without it, however it was in the middle of the summer season in the afternoon. The two of us were both instantly more grumpy, so I called the nearest mechanic shop to see if we could get a quick fix. The entire drive over to the mechanic shop, we just complained about how trying to find a way to de-stress wasn’t working at all. When we drove to the mechanic, he provided us with a quote, and told us that he would have the air conditioner ready to go in an hour and a half. We decided to wait at the shop, until we got hot and hungry, so we figured we could catch an early dinner at a restaurant nearby.. The cool air conditioning system there refreshed our spirits, so the two of us were finally able to share the feelings of pain we struggled with. It was so wonderful to finally talk, and we felt so close. The rest of the trip was great for the both of us. It is good that we had to make that pit stop.

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