One Year Payment Plan for New Furnace

I had been on the fence about replacing my furnace, but the unit was over a decade old, however it was still heating my house when I needed it to.

It wasn’t the most efficient, but I also wasn’t paying a luck to heat my house, so I didn’t see the urgency to have it replaced. The Heating and Air Conditioning company always told myself and others that I needed to consider replacing it with something new, but I just couldn’t stomach the price tag. I had the money in my account for a modern one, but I hated to spend that much money on one resting for a piece of unit that wasn’t even broken. Then, my Heating and Air Conditioning company sent myself and others an advertisement about a special they were running. They were offering a 12 week payment system for all heating systems with 0% interest for one year, and all I needed to do was fill out an approval form with the bank and then once I was approved, I could order my furnace. This was exactly what I needed to order my modern furnace! I had the money available to pay for the entire furnace upfront, but I didn’t want to spend it all at once. The payment system would let myself and others gradually make payments separate from any interest for one year, however by the end of the year, I’d have all my payments made and a brand modern furnace to enjoy. This was the best situation for me! I’m so ecstatic the Heating and Air Conditioning company sent myself and others that advertisement because it was exactly what I needed. I wonder if they knew that’s what it would take to receive my business?
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