There wasn’t an air conditioning unit to repair.

When the dispatcher gave me an address last week, I put it into my GPS and headed out.

It was summer, so I already knew there was a problem with the air conditioning.

I just wasn’t sure what that problem was. The message the dispatcher gave me was pretty vague, but it made me think they didn’t have air conditioning. Little did I know that they not only didn’t have air conditioning, but they didn’t have an air conditioning unit. The owner said he got up that morning, and the air conditioning wasn’t running. He went outside to see if he could find the date the HVAC company installed the AC unit,, but it wasn’t there. Someone had removed the air conditioning unit while they were sleeping. I had never heard of such nonsense, and I asked if anyone else had a problem with missing air conditioning units? He said he didn’t know of anyone, but he worked such odd hours, he seldom heard anything from them. The first thing I told him to do was call the police and report the air conditioning unit stolen. The next thing we had to do was discuss if he wanted a new air conditioning unit, or if he wanted to wait for this one to be replaced? He said the AC unit was at least ten years old, and he thought it would be best to order a new air conditioning unit. He wasn’t sure the thieves were going to return the old one, and if they did, it may not be in a condition to be repaired.


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