We’d have contacted the Heating and Air Conditioning expert

Our AC broke down last week. If this had happened in the middle of the afternoon or early morning, we’d have contacted the Heating & Air Conditioning company immediately. Unfortunately, the AC broke down as we were heading to bed. We didn’t want to contact the Heating & Air Conditioning tech ‌ because they’d have to charge us after hours. We’d have to pay almost double the price for A/C repairs. Our spouses weren’t glad with our decision to not call the Heating & Air Conditioning company. We suggested that swimming before bed could help cool all of us off. We headed outside to the pool and jumped in. A few minutes later, we felt cooler and more relaxed than we did before getting into the pool. After returning to the house, we stripped the bathing suits and headed to bed. An hour later, we felt our spouses’ elbow in our ribs. They were complaining that they couldn’t sleep without AC. They threatened to keep us awake until we got the AC fixed. Once again, we said we would not call the Heating & Air Conditioning tech when they were going to charge us so much money. Our spouses said that since it was all about money, they were going to make it cost us more even if we didn’t call the Heating & Air Conditioning company. They were going to the hotel that night. We spoke with the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer. 30 minutes later, the Heating & Air Conditioning tech was at the house repairing the a/c unit. We weren’t aware that even though it was late, we weren’t getting charged extra because we had a maintenance and repair agreement. We’d have saved ourselves a big fight.