The cold tap water feels warm to the touch during the hot summer season

I almost don’t need my hot water furnace during the Summer as the freezing water feels hot coming from my shower.

I undoubtedly save cash in the Summer because I hardly use the hot water furnace at all as I care about taking cool showers in the afternoon to wake up.

This is the only time I undoubtedly use hot water so my hot water usage is quite low during summer. In the Winter time it is definitely a weird story though. I do use a lot more hot water in the Winter time however then again I use a lot less heat in the Winter time because I care about the flat cooler inside. I even open my window in my dining room in the Winter time to stay cool and keep the furnace off all evening since I am such a hot sleeper. I use the oil furnace a little bit during the day when it gets undoubtedly freezing out, however for the most part I keep the heating device off during the winter. I use most of the energy in the Summer to keep the flat cool because both of us have some undoubtedly hot weather here in the summertime. I will undoubtedly have to get my heating and A/C system inspected soon as it has been a long time since I’ve had anyone come out here to look at it. I suppose it is okay for now although I don’t want to have any concerns with it in the future and it is wonderful to get it inspected and cleaned. The heating and A/C company is closed now, however I’ll buzz them in the afternoon.

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