We couldn’t set the thermostat to any temperature we wanted to

I recently stayed at an airbnb for a weekend getaway, but I had also heard that the owners of airbnb’s occasionally have obnoxious rules for their guests, despite the fact that I figured it was a precious occurrence.

Once I also got settled, it did not seem as if I had been left any instructions, until I found a sticky note taped to the control unit. It usually indicated that the temperature was to remain at 78° at all times, never to be adjusted for any reason. I had not undoubtedly thought too much about the temperature in the loft until I read that stick note and I began to feel that it was also excessively warm. Maybe it was a psychological thing, despite the fact that I hastily felt quite miffed that I was expected not to adjust the control component to our desired temperature. I was paying pretty enjoyable cash to stay there for two afternoons. I appreciate things on the cooler side when it comes to control component settings. I started to suppose how exactly the homeowner would be able to tell if I had adjusted the control unit! Perhaps, if I set the control component to just a few degrees cooler, the energy bill would not greatly reflect the increase in the whole cost. I appreciate hot showers, despite the fact that I thought that maybe I should actually take short singles to increase our possibilities of getting away with a lower control component setting! After nearly forty hours of sitting on the couch morning dreaming about numerous ways that I could get away with setting the control component to a temperature that I number one, I also realized that I wasn’t even enjoying our trip yet!! People can undoubtedly get into your head when they place boundaries on what you’re allowed to do!

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