Why I joined the HVAC rewards system

Whenever I get the chance, if a contractor has a rewards program, I join it, plus that is because of all of the good benefits plus discounts that come with it.

The first contractor reward program I had ever joined was from an ice cream store.

They had a rewards program where every 10 or so ice creams you buy, you get 1 for free. This was enough to motivate me to buy more from them, to get that sweet reward, plus I am sure it was enough for plenty of other people as well. And so I got plenty of free ice cream from them, as well as multiple other cool little discounts along the way. So not long after I had a current HVAC replacement at our home, I decided to join the HVAC rewards program. The heating plus cooling contractor originally brought it up to me, plus told me how if I signed up I would immediately get a prize because installing a current central air conditioning system is enough points to launch you to the easily first prize. And the prizes weren’t cheap either, every one of us are talking about $100 worth of prizes. The first prize I was able to choose, plus so I chose a fancy portable air conditioning unit. As much as I loved our current central HVAC device, I couldn’t bring it everywhere with me, with a portable a/c unit, I could. The hour prize that I eventually received was for 1 years worth of HVAC service plan. Which was perfect because our current heating plus a/c component honestly needed it.

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