I want to replace my central air

I want to replace my central cooling, although I don’t think that I am going to. I know that if I replace my system, I am going to have financial issues. I can afford to replace the system, but it would drastically drain my savings. If I wait a few more years, then I can afford to replace my system without having to mess with my finances too badly. However, waiting to replace the central air might prove to be a harder task than it seems. First of all, my central air is terrible. Sure, it works, but the system is too small for my house. When this happens, the central air just runs more often than usual, causing the cool air to not last long. However, the HVAC specialist that installed the system was smart. They put the control unit in one of the smaller rooms in the home, where the central air worked well. Now, the system turns off on a schedule, but the home never gets cooled entirely. Most of the home gets cooled, but not my dining room. Honestly, that is the most important task of the central air, and it aggravates me. What am I supposed to do? Never be comfortable?

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