The boss’s adult child needs more than a few HVAC pointers

I tried to train Jack on as numerous of the problems as I could

My boss has a child that just turned 18. Max He wants this child to learn more about the HVAC repair business. After he turned 18, Max provided the child (named Jack) with a task working at his HVAC store. Jack was now working in the retail area for a while and then Max asked myself and others to train him on repairs. I thought Max was joking, but I realized that he was serious. It’s not like you can just train someone to be a skilled HVAC rep. I had to go to school for 2 years. It’s not the style of task a person can simply learn overnight by seeing someone else do it. It takes an investment of time, energy, and comprehension to be a great heating and AC repairman. Max didn’t think I had a fantastic point. He told myself and others he would find someone else if I didn’t want to do it and I knew that wasn’t the right answer either. I wanted to be on Max’s fantastic side. I tried to train Jack on as numerous of the problems as I could. There were times when I didn’t finish a single day of task because I had to spend half of the day explaining things to jack. After a couple weeks and extraordinarily low sales on my part, Max grabbed myself and others and asked myself and others a couple of questions. Max agreed that maybe it was a better method for Jack to go to school and that was the very last time that Max asked myself and others to teach his child about heating and AC repairs.