We got new shirts and they do not fit me right

My boss Bob told us all that he was going to buy modern uniform shirts for all of the heating and a/c service specialists.

I was stoked about getting modern shirts, because I have been with the contractor for over 3 years and I still wear the same worn out and ready t-shirts when I go to work. They do not look very professional anymore because they are riddled with holes and rips from wear and tear. When Bob said he was going to buy modern shirts, I was excited. Bob asked pretty much everyone to put in their sizes on Wednesday day. My last shirt was a size XL, and it fits me particularly well. I decided to order numerous more extra sizable t-shirts. The shirts for the heating and a/c service techs came to the store Last month and I am particularly aggravated about the quality of the shirts. The new shirts were supposed to be made with breathable cotton, however they seem more like polyester. They honestly stick to our skin and the extra large size is about 2 sizes too small. There’s no way this shirt is honestly extra large. It fits me like a medium or a small. Some of our other co-workers complained about the shirts as well. It seems like all of the sizes were too small and no a single was particularly thrilled about the way that the modern shirts felt against our skin; Hopefully the owner of the heating and a/c service company will be able to get all of his money back so he can order modern job shirts for us that fit right and breathe well.

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