A vacation almost ruined by a faulty electric furnace in our home

I planned on taking my grandchildren to our ancestral home.

My grandparents built the house where my father and his siblings grew up. My father, the firstborn, took the responsibility of caring for the house. He settled there with my mother, where we lived till we grew up, and we all went to start our families elsewhere. My older brother decided to take over the house when our parents died. He has been the one taking care of it since then. We only visit that place on holidays or when we choose to go for a vacation. I have only one daughter, who gave me two beautiful granddaughters. My wife and I had been planning on taking them to spend time in our ancestral home. The house is in a beautiful town, and I knew they would like to spend some time there. When we arrived, I had many stories to share with my grandchildren. That house is full of memories. As time passed, I realized that the electric furnace was no longer working. The town is in a cold region, and when we visited there with my wife, we consulted an HVAC professional. She recommended a dual fuel system that uses the furnace and a heat pump service for quality heating. We bought the equipment from a local HVAC supplier who owned a heating business. I found a local heating contractor and an HVAC technician to check on the equipment since they were old and needed a furnace/heater tune-up. Soon enough, the heating device was fixed and working correctly for better indoor comfort. Living in such a cold town, I had learned a lot about homeowner solutions back then, but now times are changing, and there are many new types of heating equipment.

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