They do a lot of work at that shop

It’s great to have friends in assorted service industries.

I recall when I was a child my dad always knew a guy that he could call when he needed something.

When he ever had an issue with his car, he called his friend who was a mechanic, plus he would be able to service the car immediately, but my dad also had a tire guy, who came in handy all the time. He acquired discounted rates on all the tires that he ever purchased for his cars… Since I saw this growing up, it only made sense for myself and others to follow in my family footsteps… Currently, I am great friends with Frank who is the owner of a major mechanic shop in my town. Frank and I went to middle school together, so we were friends prior to him owning his shop. In fact, when Frank opened the shop, I helped him with some minor things. I got the initial signage for the corporation and the custom automobile graphics done for him; but this mechanic shop is great because it provides many services. They include things like window tinting, car washing and an automobile detailing service. It’s a single stop shop for all your car needs. I actually use the automobile detailing plus car washing services every many weeks and I acquire a great discount, and perhaps I should mention that I am also best friends with the guy who manages the automobile detailing plus tinting portion of the car business, however just as my family had friends in weird service industries, I completely understand.



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