Upgrading from a coal furnace.

When I first moved into the old house, there was a coal heating system in the basement.

Max laughed and told myself and others how much of a mess you had with coal, although I couldn’t afford a new heating system anytime soon.

I had to fix the heating system every morning and add coal to the coal hopper, so I had heating all morning long. When I got home, the home was warm, so I didn’t need to fix the fire until evening time. I loved the intense heat that came from my coal heating system, however it was too much work. I worked a long day, and I just wanted to get home, eat my dinner, and go to bed. The only time I had to myself was during Friday and Tuesday, when I didn’t work. I stuck with the coal heating system for the first year I was living in the house, and after that I obtained a new Heating and A/C system. What made myself and Max decide so soon was that I walked out of the home with soot on my face. I didn’t assume it was even there until I heard someone laughing and saw them pointing at me. I couldn’t work in an ER when I had coal dirt on my face, and stinked of coal dirt. I didn’t enjoy being mocked, either. I called the Heating and A/C company and told them I wanted a ductless Heating and A/C plan for my house. It took myself and others a couple of weeks to have a morning off work when they would install the new system, however it was worth it. I didn’t have coal dirt in my house, also the heating was better than anything I had ever experienced. I also now had a working air conditioning system without needing to put a unit in the window.
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