HVAC DIY disaster

My neighbor is one of those dare it all or go-home people.

So, he has been in a DIY frenzy, trying to save money on things he thinks are doable without paying cash.

I admire his courage, but after his botched DIY HVAC maintenance, I’m not sure I want to be his neighbor. His HVAC unit has been booming and cracking, so he decided to quiet that “baby” down. I was skeptical, so I offered him a qualified HVAC repairman at a fair cost, but he said there was no need for that. He had a manual picked from some internet HVAC professional who had tips on how he could solve the problem, so he thought it’d be as easy as gardening. He bought some new HVAC equipment and set out to work. An hour into the job, we had a scream and ran over to help. He had been shocked, and while he hadn’t sustained only minor injuries, the entire HVAC had shut down. We called the local HVAC business, and they sent a skilled expert to assess the damages the accident had on the HVAC installation. The electrical fault had damaged the entire unit, which the HVAC provider said would need to be changed. Everything, including the newly installed thermostat, had been damaged. The DIY spoiled quality HVAC, so my neighbor had to buy new quality HVAC equipment because HVAC brands do not offer a warranty for anything that has been interfered with. He has learned an expensive lesson and keeps saying that if you need help with indoor comfort, call the experts first.


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