The repair bill was extremely high

We moved to a new city in July, and we first wanted to ensure that the heating and A/C device was entirely working correctly. We were yet to guess any of our new neighbors, so we decided that the easiest way to get a heating and A/C professional in the area would be a quick Google search on the best heating and A/C company to call! A little into the inquiry, we found one, placed the call, and organized an inspection. The heating and A/C provider sent one of their experts to come, and the speed of their response made us guess that we were up for quality heating and A/C services. We let the professional access our unit, and in less than 10 minutes, he had a report that said we needed to buy new heating and A/C devices because what we had was seasoned and had some destruction. He quoted such a high amount. We prodded him more about the cost, and he insisted that those were the market costs and that the company he works for would ensure we get quality heating and A/C devices and a year of free heating and A/C repair. We told him we would think about it, find the money and call them back. That night we received the invoice with the heating and A/C inspection bill, which was once again truly high. We decided to walk into our closest neighbor’s lake home to ask for help. They listened and told us we might have been victims of a scam from questionable heating and A/C brands marketing themselves online to find clueless customers. They also called their heating and A/C repairman to check our heating and A/C upgrade for any flaws. We needed heating and A/C repair on the filter and a temperature control update to help with indoor comfort.

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