Cutting sheet metal is a precision job

My hands are really steady and my job takes a lot of precision.

I cut sheet metal pieces for ductwork.

Most of the time as a contractor, I am assigned to jobs by whatever company I am working for. Right now I am working on my own and for myself so I get to pick whatever jobs I want. I recently cut all of the sheet metal for a ductwork job downtown. One of the commercial buildings needed to replace all of the ductwork. I’ve been on the job and won. I had to hire three additional guys to work with me. I’m the one that cuts all of the sheet metal but there are a couple of other people that help put everything together. It takes a lot of time and energy to put the ductwork together and get everything set up for the heating and air conditioning equipment. When I finished up with the commercial building downtown, I decided to take off a couple of days. I took my boyfriend on a relaxing getaway. We took a cruise to the islands and we went swimming with the dolphins. We rested and relaxed in the best resort there is down there. The place is all inclusive and includes all of our drinks, food, and entertainment. Every night they have a different live band and a special fruity drink that includes pineapple or watermelon. When I’m not working on heating and air conditioning equipment, I’m definitely doing my best to enjoy life. It’s important to party just as hard as you work.

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The dog pooped right by the intake vent

I swear that one of the worst smells in the whole world is the smell of dog poop.

When I smell dog poop, it almost makes me want to vomit. I have a dog too, and I hate the smell. I do what I can to make sure that my dog goes to the bathroom outside. I take the dog for a walk in the morning before I go to work. I take the dog for a long walk in the afternoon when I get home from work. I also take the dog for a short walk before I go to sleep. The dog has lots of opportunities to use the bathroom. There are still some times when she has an accident. Last night I was in the study working on some paperwork. I started to smell the most awful and bizarre smell in the world. It was coming from the air vent. I put my nose up to the air vent and it smelled horrible. I thought there might be a fire. I started moving around the house to see if the smell was located anywhere else. It did not take long for me to find a big, steaming pile of dog poop. My dog pooped right in front of the air intake vent. The air intake vent was pulling all of that smell through the house and into the rest of the rooms. I quickly cleaned up the pile and put it outside. I took my dog for a walk. The smell of poo was still in the air when I returned, so I sprayed some Febreze on all of the surfaces of the house.


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Working out at house in wonderful air conditioning system

I’ve sort of extended my relaxed holiday exercise schedule. This is the original year of what has been a lifestyle overhaul for me. There is no more bringing home a pack and camping out on the couch inside the central air conditioning system of home. That was a single of the first things to go. But really, I’m blissful that I made the fluctuations I’ve been able to make. Finally, I don’t realize if I enjoy garbage all the time and have way more energy. But when it came to this past Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I let myself enjoy more of my preferences and less working out. But that is coming to a screeching halt this month and it’s been a bit tough. I’m back to resting up more than I’m resting while working inside the zone controlled heating and air conditioning of the office. And I’m back to bringing a healthy supper and going outside of the commercial heating and air conditioning of our building to eat and then have a bit of a walk. However, I’m also absolutely sort of eager to get back to hitting the gym many or several times per week. It’s a locale I enjoy hanging out in because of the lovely air conditioning system. But it’s not a giant commercial gym that I’m referencing. I have a wonderful house gym in my basement. And the heating and air conditioning professionals installed a ductless heat pump down there for me. So I get a superb work out with the best quality heating and air I could ask for. I have a few more pounds to shed from the last few weeks. And simply getting into my house gym with the ductless heat pump will help melt the holiday treats off my body.



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Feeling wonderful after ductwork cleaning

This winter season was an odd one for me specifically.

I spent a lot of time fighting off illness.

It’s pretty ironic that once I sort of let my guard down a bit over Covid, I end up dealing with respiratory illness much of the winter! For sure, I’m super thankful that it wasn’t Covid and I’m always keeping up with the latest booster. But I also discovered that there is something else that is vitally important to our respiratory health. And that would be superb indoor air pollen levels. It took a visit to the dentist for me to finally learn just how important superb indoor air pollen levels are. My wife finally had enough of me dragging myself around all winter and made an appointment with the dentist. I dislike going to the dentist and she knows this so it wasn’t enjoyable so she pushed it on me. At the same time, I sort of felt as if she wasn’t taking no for an answer when it came to skipping the dentist’s appointment! Honestly, I was a little anxious because I had not experienced a winter season such as this since I was a child. So I was sort of wondering if there was some sort of underlying issue that I needed to be aware of. But that’s always terrifying when you are going into a dentist’s appointment thinking that something could be genuinely wrong. Well, there was an underlying issue that resulted in my respiratory illnesses all winter. The dentist suggested I call to get proper ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing. Once that was done, she suggested that I install a HEPA filter and get rid of the paper heating and air conditioning air filters my superb friend and I used for a decade. I did just what the dentist ordered and have felt superb since then.

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Cooling cost savings system about to be engaged

It’s not too long now either.

The heat pump has been genuinely quiet over the last many weeks.

But that’s not going to last much longer. We’re hastily closing at the end of December and that means hot and cold temperatures are about to rise. Not only do our hot and cold temperatures rise, but they keep on going. By the time my superb friend and I get to June, the temperature is normally hovering just below the hundred degree mark. And this is day in and day out. So this is the time of year to get the air conditioning system together. I do this every year in order for all of us to be on the same page when it comes to cooling our home. I’m not into spending the equivalent of an up-to-date car payment just so I can have an air conditioning system. But with a little planning and execution, you just do not have to pay that kind of currency for cooling comfort. The first thing I do when it comes to my cost saving system for the Summer is to call the heating and air conditioning business. There’s also not a superb system to save air conditioning currency unless you have a heat pump that’s working at its most efficient. I start with an air conditioning system tune up performed by the heating and air conditioning professionals we’ve used for a long time. Once that’s finally done, my superb friend and I do our best to get our house sealed up tight to further maximize the heating and air conditioning equipment efficiency. In order to eventually further maximize the heat pump efficiency, my superb friend and I also stop direct sunlight heating with solar shades. But for sure, as a family my superb friend and I have to really make sure that the thermostat setting is always reasonable. When my own superb friend and I bring all of these things together, my superb friend and I end up saving a wonderful deal of currency on air conditioning system costs.

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Adding space and ductless heat pump to family home

Now that the up-to-date master suite is complete, I just wish my superb friend and I had done this all much sooner.

But when it was clear that my superb friend and I had too many youngsters and not enough dining rooms inside the central air conditioning system of our home, my superb friend and I were going to move.

After years of commitment to my business and endless hours inside the commercial heating and air conditioning of the office, I was making a superb residence. My spouse was also doing entirely well in her career so getting a bigger house was on our radar. My pal and I have twin women who were once able to share a room. But as they entered their tween years, sharing a room was clearly not going to continue. They just fought all the time. So my superb friend and I started looking to buy a bigger house and that was sort of a slap in the face. The up-to-date real estate market made it virtually impossible for us to buy. So the only thing left to do was add on. I’m also genuinely blissful that my superb friend and I got to be the beneficiaries of the up-to-date space. The women flipped a coin for our seasoned room and my superb friend and I got a master suite with our own bath. Not only that but our whole up-to-date space also came with a ductless heat pump. I know I thought that the heating and air conditioning professionals could just extend the existing ductwork. But the central heating and air conditioning equipment was rated to the original air volume of our house and would be overwhelmed by adding the up-to-date space. Again, that all worked out wonderful because my superb friend and I enjoy having our own thermostat. And the ductless heat pump provides just the best quality heating and air.


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heating and air conditioning improves indoor air pollen levels

Normally, I’m getting worried about right now, and where I live, the end of December is genuinely the start of Spring, but it’s mid December now and there is already a dusting of pollen on my truck each morning.

  • So it won’t be long before the grass and tree pollens simply run amok as well.

That also means the heat pump, which has been virtually silent all winter, will soon snap back into life, however air conditioning will be a need within a week! None of this is why I’m usually worried this time of year. What makes me so edgy about Spring is the fact that I get crushed by seasonal allergies… But this year, my superb friend and I have an up-to-date addition to our heating and air conditioning equipment meant to improve our indoor air pollen levels. Then my pal and I obtained a whole house whole-house air purifier that works from inside the heating and air conditioning unit. This whole-house air purifier is really odd because it uses high intensity UV light to destroy airborne contaminants. And I’m not talking about some of them. This sort of whole-house air purifier gets rid of all the stuff that is harmful to our respiratory system. And for me, that means I’ll have a pollen sanctuary inside my house this Spring. I can hardly know it and am gleeful that at least while I’m inside the central air conditioning system of my house, it’s just a no pollen zone. Additionally, the whole house whole-house air purifier provides the best indoor air pollen levels for my family. That’s a giant and great thing when it comes to respiratory health and strengthening our immune response. On top of that, our house smells so fresh and clean thanks to this whole-house air purifier.


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Using common sense to save on air conditioning

I heard the heat pump next door kick on and I missed winning the pool by mere days.

Instead, my wife ended up being the closest when it came to that first day for air conditioning in the neighborhood.

She picked the neighbor and was off for two days. So she won the family bet this year. However, if there was a bet on who would be the last house to leave the air conditioning on, it would be us. But then again, we may be one of the few natives to the region in our neighborhood. I guess maybe the heat and humidity are just in our blood or something. Don’t get me wrong, there are four months during the summer where I’d be awfully hard pressed to do without air conditioning. And I grew up inside a home that had central air conditioning. But I guess we just alway preferred to deal with the heat by getting used to it. So in our home, we don’t really seal up the house and leave the heat pump on for cooling until as close to June as we can get. But really, this is such a common sense approach to saving on air conditioning costs. If you are more comfortable with the heat, there is less demand for air conditioning. And that means the heat pump runs a lot less. I’ve heard some pretty outrageous rates some of my neighbors are paying and that’s just insane. We all need some air conditioning but getting acclimated to the heat is necessary as well.

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Work so much better with commercial HVAC upgrade

For the last few years, I have gotten to work and literally had to psyche myself in the parking lot just go inside.

That’s not at all how I felt about my job when I started.

Back then, there was dynamic leadership that made us all feel like a team. Last year, two employees got in a fist fight over the thermostat setting. That’s how far things had fallen from when the job was fun. And on top of the dissension, division and malaise, the commercial HVAC was terrible. I’m definitely sure that I wouldn’t have fought over the thermostat setting because it really didn’t matter. That commercial HVAC unit was so over that it couldn’t keep up. When you needed the heating, it was always freezing. I had to bring in a space heater to put under my desk. The summertime felt like I was working inside a sauna. You could hardly even tell that the air conditioning was on at all. I was really close to quitting. Then, a corporate came and totally cleaned house. The entire management team was fired and walked off the property. The new management is a big change in the right direction. For one, they are doing more listening than talking. That’s always a big sign that these are professionals. And apparently, the act on what here. It wasn’t two weeks before the place was crawling with HVAC technicians. Now we have awesome commercial HVAC with zone controlled HVAC as well. Just having quality heating and air has been a huge boost for morale. And I actually want to get out of the car and get to work in the mornings these days.

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The value of HVAC maintenance should be obvious

I’m enjoying the fact that my HVAC equipment just keeps running and running. We’ve enjoyed great quality heating and air for just over twenty years from the same HVAC equipment. And not one single time did that HVAC unit ever break down. We got it new hoping for twenty years back then. But the heating and cooling equipment appear to want to keep rocking for much longer. Just in case, I started a savings account so we are ready to go when it’s time. However, the HVAC technician tells me that our residential HVAC is in great shape. I’d love to say that this was all my doing but it really wasn’t. Outside of placing the call to the HVAC company, I didn’t do much else because the HVAC professionals took care of everything. When we had that heat pump installed twenty years ago, I joined the HVAC service plan. This would turn out to be the best thing I ever did when it came to the heating and cooling of my home. Of course, I make sure that the air filter is changed on time. And I go outside to be sure that the HVAC equipment out there is free of debris. But other than that, it’s all the HVAC maintenance. This is why the HVAC company promises that if the HVAC equipment breaks down while you’re on the HVAC service plan, I only pay for parts. HVAC maintenance is so valuable. I bet we get close to 7 years more out of this heating and cooling equipment.



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