Air filtration changes things

I don’t prefer to make big statements because they usually backfire. Occasionally, I can entirely overstate something for being just miraculous. It wasn’t. That’s why I hesitate a bit when describing how much better our indoor air is thanks to air purification. I appreciate my house’s air now! That wasn’t the case for a long time. What I didn’t realize was that the HVAC knew the answers all along. My concern was that our apartment smelled bad, with airborne odors. This happens when there’s a house full of boys, dogs, a cat and other sources of odors. Our HVAC system recycled those odors. Then, there’s the health benefits of good indoor air. That’s another reason that finally convinced my husband to get the whole home air purification system. For me, the reason was the odors. There was no way to cover them up or get anywhere near to eliminating them. That’s where the HVAC supplier with air purification changed my reality. At the risk of going on about this, air purification changed my life. I love where I live again and am grateful to have a whole home air purification system in my home.



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We were able to get through the college years with a good HVAC service plan

When I was living with roommates back in college, we all were able to get along pretty well. We all agreed on the same temperature control settings and we all took turns changing the air filter every single month. One issue was that the energy bills started going up a great deal. We asked the landlord to have an HVAC professional work on the system, but he said he was not responsible for the HVAC maintenance. We all thought this was ridiculous but it actually was in the rental agreement. So we called an HVAC company and a professional checked everything out. It turned out that the HVAC needed ductwork sealing. The ductwork was leaking in all sorts of places and this was bad news, especially for the energy costs. We told the landlord about this and said he was responsible as we were only renting the place. This was not some regular maintenance like changing air filters, this was a critical repair that needed attention right away before it became an unrepairable issue. The landlord finally relented when he realized he probably wouldn’t win his argument in court not to cover the HVAC repair on the ductwork system. Before we knew it, the HVAC professionals were out and they took care of the issue with the ductwork sealing procedure. After that, our energy bills were lower than ever, but we also enrolled in an HVAC service plan so we didn’t have to worry moving forward. For the few years that we all lived together, the bills for the HVAC maintenance were lower than ever and we never had any serious issues with the HVAC equipment.
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The HVAC professional suggested the perfect HVAC for us

When I bought a new home, I didn’t realize how shoddy the cooling system was until we had to use it.

I actually went through two different HVAC companies and I was told the same thing that I should just upgrade to something better if I wanted effective cooling in my home.

I had a consultation with an HVAC professional and he was telling me that the nicest HVAC systems in our area are the dual-fuel HVAC systems. He told me how I could get one that is a gas furnace and ductless mini split heat pump combined in one system. This was very interesting to me and what drew me towards this system was the talk about energy savings. The system also has a smart feature where you can plug it in so you can communicate with the different air handlers in the home. I didn’t really need much convincing, all I needed to know was that this system was going to provide proper heating and cooling for a reasonable cost. So I had the new system installed and so far I have been loving it. It was towards the end of the summer when it was installed and the cooling was very impressive. I love that it comes with washable filters that are fairly easy to clean. I honestly can’t wait to see what this system can do when we start getting the freezing temperatures, but I won’t have to use it much now that we are in the fall season. I’m just glad that we’re ready to go with a dependable HVAC system that will keep us perfectly comfortable.


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