Author: Christina

Running leads to plantar fasciitis

I originally got into running because it’s free. When I graduated from college, I had lots of student loans to deal with. I was trying to cover a car payment, insurance and rent as well. Although I managed to get a job in my chosen field, it was an entry level position at very low […]

Insomnia and working out

I have been going through menopause the past couple of years. The symptoms are very unpleasant. I’ve struggled with weight gain and headaches. I suffer frequent hot flashes that leave me drenched in sweat. I also have issues with insomnia. I dread going to bed at night, because I know that I’m going to spend […]

Traveling for work

My job requires me to travel a lot. There are months when I spend more nights in hotels than in my own home. While I enjoy exploring new places, this lifestyle makes it more difficult to keep physically fit and healthy. My hours are constantly changing and my job is sedentary. I sit in airport […]

Getting in to jumping rope

I am always interested in new, interesting and beneficial workouts. I try to continually change up my daily fitness regimen to target different muscles and keep things interesting. I read the workout blogs of several professional athletes. A professional boxer shared a video of himself jumping rope. His skill level was extremely impressive. He recommended […]

There were many details not mentioned online

The number of aged houses has been on the decline as most of them have been replaced with modern homes. Much of the aged architecture from the 1770s is nearly gone and Ashley can’t stand it. A while back she came across an aged Victorian house for sale in the next town and she knew […]

They got the property in a will

There are only a few old houses remaining. Most of them have been destroyed or are unlivable. The old architecture from the 1750s is nearly gone and that makes me unhappy. When I came across an old Victorian house for sale in the next state, I convinced my spouse that we had to own it […]

He convinced his partner that the had to buy the house

There’s a dwindling number of seasoned houses still available. Many have been torn down or are heading in that direction. All of the seasoned architecture from the 1800s is nearly gone and Troy doesn’t like that. When he found a seasoned Victorian cabin for sale three towns over, Troy convinced his partner that they had […]

Most old houses have been demolished or condemned

She never lived in this house even once. Not many old houses are still available since most have been demolished or condemned. All of the old architecture from the 1740s is nearly gone and that makes Sheila quite sad. When she saw an old Victorian lake house for sale two towns over, she begged her […]

I like that they wax it

I prefer to have our lady region totally silky soft. Some ladies are all for this and others aren’t. I don’t want a ton of hair there. I prefer the look, feel and that I don’t need to worry about myself in a bathing suit. It makes sense to get rid of it all. I […]