Author: Christina

I made my choice

I was on the fence about not knowing what I should get for a new form of heating for my home. I was caught between a heat pump and radiant heated floors. After doing much research about the both of them and weighing out the pros and the cons I decided on radiant heated floors […]

The answer and solution

My bedroom has been giving me issues when it comes to air quality as of lately. I can not get a decent night sleep because of breathing issues due to the bad air quality. I did however find the perfect answer and solution to this. And it was pretty easy all together. I wish I […]

A ductless mini A/C unit is a great investment

When I finally made it back to the restaurant, I saw that he had installed a ductless mini split air conditioner unit My uncle runs a small restaurant where he sells mostly BBQ to his customers. A few years ago, when he first opened the business, the building was a bit old and needed a […]

The best of the best

I just bought a brand new portable air conditioning system for my home office. And I have to tell you that this brand new portable air conditioning system is really the best of the best! I had a portable air conditioning system about 5 years ago that broke on me because it was cheap. And […]

Not sure about it

I have heard about this new kind of heating and air conditioning system called a zoned heat and A/C unit. This is also known as HVAC zone control. HVAC zone control, or a zoned central heating and air conditioning system will make it so that you can control the temperatures in different rooms of your […]

Air quality in my area

The air quality has been real bad in my local area. So bad that everyone has been investing whole home air purification systems. Having whole home air purification systems in homes around here is something new. And they are very expensive! But the heating and air conditioning companies that provide the whole home air purification […]