Author: Christina

Sometimes I like to save money a little too much.

When it comes to repairing things I like to do them myself because I feel like a lot of companies such as plumbers and heating and cooling companies jack up their prices. The service fees per hour for these type of companies are just completely outrageous. But I learned that when it comes to important […]

Thank goodness for tax returns.

This year with our tax return we have decided to update some important things around our house. We purchased our colonial home about two years ago and every year we have decided to invest some money in redoing our home. Last year’s big project was completely renovating our kitchen. We needed new appliances and we […]

Our lives revolve around positive experiences.

I was able to get everything done quickly and efficiently and made sure that I did not track in any dirt It’s always important that wherever we go we create a positive impact on who we meet. For example the other day I went through the drive-through to order a coffee to start my morning […]