Air filtration changes things

I don’t prefer to make big statements because they usually backfire. Occasionally, I can entirely overstate something for being just miraculous. It wasn’t. That’s why I hesitate a bit when describing how much better our indoor air is thanks to air purification. I appreciate my house’s air now! That wasn’t the case for a long time. What I didn’t realize was that the HVAC knew the answers all along. My concern was that our apartment smelled bad, with airborne odors. This happens when there’s a house full of boys, dogs, a cat and other sources of odors. Our HVAC system recycled those odors. Then, there’s the health benefits of good indoor air. That’s another reason that finally convinced my husband to get the whole home air purification system. For me, the reason was the odors. There was no way to cover them up or get anywhere near to eliminating them. That’s where the HVAC supplier with air purification changed my reality. At the risk of going on about this, air purification changed my life. I love where I live again and am grateful to have a whole home air purification system in my home.



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