Romantic candlelight almost does in the Heating & Air Conditioning

How my wife ever fell in love with me has always been a bit of a mystery to me.

She’s amazing in so many ways! That’s not how I would describe myself, but everything has worked out and we are very happy, 15 years into our marriage. That says everything. However, in that effort to win her over all those years ago, I almost killed my heating and cooling system. It’s a strange story, for sure! We met at work right out of college. Without much money, and no dating skills, I just did the best I could. And for me, that was going with some old school perceptions. So, I won her heart with home-cooked candlelight meals. The first time I cooked for her, I made it casual except for the lit candles on the supper table. For some reason, she loved it! Now, I understand she enjoyed how authentic and tranquil I was with her. I thought it was the candlelight, so I poured it on from there. What I didn’t realize then was how bad that was for my heating and cooling system! You see, all that burnt wax in a small apartment builds up on an air filter in a hurry! After a few dinners, the air filter was covered with a solid sheen of candle wax.

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