I didn’t call for repair

Honestly, no one ever told me that I should

Growing up, I never had to learn how to do anything, really. Father took care of the entire house, including the regular chores. I wasn’t responsible for anything until I left and was forced to learn what being a “real adult” was. I wish that I had learned a lot earlier the best ways to do things! I wish I had learned how to take care of my belongings. This is one of the reasons I’m kneeling here; I’m freezing, completely cold, without a way to manage my indoor air temperature. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had an HVAC plan before. I had a full, temperature-controlled, forced air furnace and central cooling system in my home, and I never liked it. Honestly, no one ever told me that I should. Instead, I figured touching the temperature control would change the indoor air temperature, and the rest just worked itself out! Now, as an adult, I know there’s critical work to perform on HVAC. Unfortunately, I found this out too late, when the HVAC system completely broke down. Instead of my parents teaching me about high quality indoor air temperature management, I had to learn about it from the repair technician who tested my system; they called it “toast.” I wish I had known better!



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