I forgot about the warranty

When I put a new heating and cooling system in my new home, I thought I’d be ok for a few years. Things were finally working out! I had a good job, a home, and, finally, a reliable heating and cooling system! From the moment the HVAC professional arrived with the modern system, I thought all my troubles were over! I went to work each day, watched TV, and slept soundly during all the moments in between, unaware there was something else extremely important that I needed to do! I never considered the ongoing health of my air quality control system, that it was going to need additional professional attention, or that the maintenance appointments were required to keep me out of financial ruin. Air quality control systems should not be ignored, I learned. If your system is going to run each day, you should take care of it. If you forget servicing, you aren’t going to have a manufacturer’s warranty anymore! Without that warranty, if something goes wrong, you’ll pay out of pocket. I learned all of this out the painful way a few months ago when my unit swiftly ceased emanating clean, comfortable indoor air. In a flash, I realized that I had never called for maintenance. I also never registered the warranty. Now, it looks like I’m buying a new system this week.
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