The heating and air tech won’t take my calls anymore

I do the best I can to be an enjoyable, humorous, pleasant person, but sometimes I fail. Am I socially inept, or what’s the deal? Often, my brain goes out of order, and I misbehave. This tends to push people away and reduces me to feeling like a total failure. It’s especially difficult when trying to maintain professional relationships in this challenging world. I learned this the difficult way, after my HVAC system went off the deep end. I had no one to call for help. I woke up one day and realized that my indoor air was stagnant, uneven, and moist. I tried to mess with the temperature control, but nothing was going up. I couldn’t get the air conditioner or the furnace to engage, even after resetting the system. I wound up scrolling the Internet, using terms for “broken heating and cooling system,” “no air quality control,” “AC and furnace won’t work.” None of my heating and cooling do-it-yourself efforts helped the air quality, though. Finally, I called an HVAC dealer and asked for an emergency repair. I was shocked when the receptionist at the shop told me they had no one available to send. After I questioned further, the receptionist revealed that my technician no longer wanted to come to my house. Why? Because I was always annoyingly talking about my home improvement repair ideas while they were trying to work carefully on the system that, they felt, I would inevitably break again!

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