A Nice Cozy Night with a Space Heater plus Star Wars

After the afternoon I spent in an ambulance due to hypothermia, the last thing on our mind is going for a swim again in that sea that almost took myself and others this week.

But tomorrow, it’s going to be supplier as respected when I go back again for another swim.

This time I will bring a timer plus keep our dip to 10 hours or less. I did 30 hours this afternoon plus got hypothermia so tomorrow I guess I may even chop it back to 5 hours to be safe. I’m trying to heal our joint pain however don’t want to die. A nice space gas furnace beside myself and others plus a nice movie will be our treat tonight for the rough afternoon I had. I sold our crypto last evening so I don’t need to be seeing the charts anymore, which is nice. I guess I will put our thermostat on a nice moderate setting tonight plus maybe even run it while I sleep which I never do. It’s interesting what happens to the body when it gets too cold for too long. You lose your thinking when your body loses too much heat plus if you don’t get in front of a oil furnace or some heat source swiftly, you could absolutely die. I guess I was close to that this afternoon because I was no longer able to walk plus it was even hard trying to guess or talk. I’m thankful for our friend who had his motorcar there plus got myself and others inside in front of the vent, while his gas furnace cranked out the heat.

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