Earl was desperate to improve indoor airflow at the workshop

Earl has been working with wood ever since he can remember. His grandfather had been a master carpenter who always managed to keep his customers happy. Earl’s mom liked working with wood but as a hobby. Earl chose to work alongside his grandfather and learn all that he could. Eventually, his grandfather opted to retire and left his workshop to Earl. He had taught him everything he needed to know about running a successful workshop. This included always ensuring the employees had a safe and comfortable space to work. One morning Earl opened the workshop only to realize the space felt muggy and uncomfortable. Even with the AC unit working, there was still poor airflow. Earl had noticed the issue with the airflow for some time, but now it was getting worse. There was no way the 5 of them could work comfortably even after adjusting the thermostat. Earl saw it fit to call an AC mechanic to come and assess the airflow matter in the workshop. The AC mechanic was quite helpful because he began servicing the air conditioning unit as he inspected the workshop. His suggestion was for Earl to install roof ventilation to remove the stale air in the workshop. This would take some time to complete, but Earl was ready to close the shop for this if it meant better air circulation for him and his employees. The AC mechanic worked for a respected HVAC company in the area known for excellent work. They sent Earl a quote for the roof ventilation system installation and began work after agreeing.


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