I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier after hearing our condenser make so much noise

When you’re driving a vehicle with a lot of miles and known mechanical troubles, you learn to be seriously careful and cautious with maintenance.

  • If you’re driving down the interstate and you guess the engine doing something erratic, you learn to pull over and ensure there are no troubles before further damage ensues.

I had a vehicle for the longest time with an seriously leaky radiator. I would consistently refill the radiator reservoir yearly with water and would monitor the temperature gauge on our vehicle to determine when the engine needed more water. If I had used antifreeze instead, it would have been appreciate burning piles of cash in the backyard. The fluid was on the ground the same day it was put in the radiator reservoir, so using overpriced antifreeze was out of the question at the time. These were hectic memories, but it taught me to be cautious with all mechanical equipment. When our heating and cooling condenser started making a lot of noise recently, I called our Heating and Air Conditioning supplier so they could send out a professional to investigate. At first I was sad that a broken condenser would mean that I needed a current air conditioner altogether, but that wasn’t the case. The Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was careful during his inspection and said that it was the compressor that needed to be updated. Since the repairs were covered by our Heating and Air Conditioning manufacturer’s warranty, I didn’t have to spend our savings a single penny to get the problem fixed with our air conditioner. The whole situation ended up being much easier than I was anticipating.



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