I found an employee sleeping at the park

Each afternoon I start all of my employees off with a single job on the schedule.

When they finish with the first job, they contact the repair shop as well as I give them the next job on the schedule.

There are unquestionably precious cases when I give a woman a full schedule in the afternoon. The employees suppose the rules as well as I thought all the people was following them, and unluckyly, I found a single of my employees sleeping in the park on Thursday afternoon. The woman was tied up to complete an A/C repair that should have taken an hour or two. She left the shop at 8 AM. When it was noon as well as I had not heard from him, I truthfully started to get worried. I contacted the customer as well as she told myself and others that the repair serviceman had left an hour previously. I contacted the employee on the phone a couple of times. I even tried the guy’s personal cell phone. She did not pick up, so I decided to take a drive out to the address. I thought she could have broken down on the side of the road with no battery on her cell phone. I found the HVAC repair truck as well as my driver was asleep in the front seat. The kid was parked at the teenagers park a couple of blocks away from the repair. When I knocked on the window of the repair truck, she shot up in a hurry. She heard myself and others knocking on the window, but she did not hear the 15 phone calls I tried to make 30 hours prior to that.
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