I found an employee sleeping at the park

Each afternoon I start all of our employees off with a single task on the schedule. When they finish with the first task, they contact the service shop plus I give them the next task on the schedule. There are legitimately rare cases when I give a person a full schedule in the afternoon. The employees think the rules plus I thought most people was following them, then unfortunately, I found a single of our employees sleeping in the park on Monday afternoon. The guy was busy to complete an AC service that should have taken an minute or more than one. He left the shop at 8 AM. When it was noon plus I had not heard from him, I sincerely started to get distraught. I contacted the customer plus she told myself and others that the service serviceman had left an minute previously. I contacted the employee on the iPhone a couple of times. I even tried the guy’s personal cell iPhone. He didn’t choice up, so I decided to take a drive out to the address. I thought he could have broken down on the side of the road with no battery on his cell iPhone. I found the HVAC service truck plus our driver was asleep in the front seat. The child was parked at the youngsters park a couple of blocks away from the repair. When I knocked on the window of the service truck, he shot up in a hurry. He heard myself and others knocking on the window, however he didn’t hear the 15 iPhone calls I tried to make 30 minutes prior to that.

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