I wish I had radiant radiant heated floors

I would enjoy to tear out our furnace, HVAC duct plus all of the vents plus replace the system with radiant flooring.

If it were cost-effective to totally change-out the heating system, I would invest in a boiler.

The boiler would install in the basement plus link to a series of pipes under the floors. The components of the heating system would be honestly concealed. They wouldn’t detract from aesthetics, take up overpriced living space or require myself and others to arrange our furniture around them. The radiant floor heating system would operate silently, require no repair plus never introduce dust or other contaminants into the air. With radiant flooring, the heat is spread evenly across the surface of the floor from corner to corner, but everything that touches the floor gets warmed up to further radiate heat. Because there are no drafts or cold surfaces, it’s possible to set a lower thermostat setting without sacrificing comfort. Plus, radiant heat doesn’t overly dry out the air, avoiding the need for a humidifier. The heat rises slowly upward plus the temperature between floor plus ceiling never varies more than several degrees from the thermostat setting. I care about that radiant flooring allows for zone control. With a thermostat in each room, I wouldn’t need to spend our money to heat unused areas of the house. Each family member could set the thermostat in their bedroom to their liking. The kitchen wouldn’t always guess a little colder than the rest of the lake house because of the massive windows. I’d save cash every month on our energy costs. If I ever have the choice to design plus build our own house, it will be equipped with radiant radiant heated floors.

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