It was time to change the old oil furnace in the cabin

Living in the mountains had become quite an adventure for Paul and his wife.

  • He couldn’t believe they’d been living there for a decade-plus.

They loved to visit the mountains whenever they had time back in the day. The two lived by the beach and always longed for the cold and isolated parts of the world. So their favorite vacation spots were cabins in the woods up north. But, when Paul’s wife got cancer, Paul realized there was no time like the present. Instead of planning to move to such locations later in life, they decided it was the right time after her recovery. They gathered their resources and bought a cabin that needed a heating system set up. A friend who lived in a similar place encouraged the couple to install an oil furnace. This was the best heating system to keep the vast cabin warm throughout the long winter months. But, this meant having an oil storage system nearby. At first, Paul wasn’t sure about this, but after experiencing how nice his friend’s cabin was, he was sold. He hired a local heating company to set up the oil furnace. Now, almost a decade-plus later, he was seeing the tale-tale signs that it was time to change the heating system. The biggest issue with the heating system was the burner. It was working but wouldn’t fire. The heating system expert had looked at the unit several times and concluded it was better to replace it. It was an older model, so Paul decided to change it to ensure the warm cabin.

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