Maybe I Should Take the Rest of the Day Off Exercising

I was planning on going to the beach later with my sand bag and doing a leg exercise routine. But after what happened this morning with my cold swim I think I am better off resting the rest of the day. I got hypothermia this morning from staying in ice cold water for too long. It was 55F, which isn’t ice cold to me, but I’ve built up a tolerance and it can be to the point where it’s dangerous because my body isn’t giving me warning signs until it’s too late. I need to bring a watch for my next dip. So, I am wondering what kind of energy saving tips I can come up with to cut down on this crazy power bill I just saw in my email. Last year I spent about 100 euros every two months on power, now it’s triple that. They’ve raised the electricity rates a lot, and it’s made heating and cooling the house more of a luxury than a routine nowadays. I now have to think about whether I should turn on the heat when it is cold in the flat or just put on more clothes. Maybe it’s better on the environment with higher power bills because people are less likely to run the central heat and air conditioning all of the time, cutting down on greenhouse emissions. I guess mother nature has her own built in barometer that tells her where we are polluting the planet too much and she slaps us on the wrist with higher power bills. I think I’ve learned.
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