My new cat is pretty crazy

I have rescued & owned numerous cats in my life, & I thought I had seen it all.

  • Every now & then, I end up getting an animal that surprises me! My latest surprise was a black longhaired cat that visited me during a Winter morning.

The cat seemed to be seeking shelter, & the cat waltzed right into my household as if it already belonged there. I genuinely didn’t mind my new guest, but this cat ended up proving how crazy cats can be. The cat disappeared for a little while, & I started to fret. I looked around & found the cat stretched out on my oil furnace system. I soon found out this cat was obsessed with my heater. Whenever the cat would be missing in my household, all I would have to do is check my oil furnace & that cat would be there. Luckily for her, the heating machine was almost always on. The few times the Heating & Air Conditioning device wasn’t on, all I would have to do is turn on the heating system & she would come running. That kitty became a permanent resident in my household, & her peculiar obsession with the heating component never did go away. I can only guess that after surviving in the cold Winter weather, she never wanted to experience that frosty temperature again. After finding a source of heat, she never wanted to leave. This was just fine with me, as I enjoyed cats a ton, & I was always looking for new creatures to take care of.

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