Our houseboat felt amazing thanks to the heating unit

Can you imagine living on the water all day, every day except when you have to be on dry land? No! Well, neither could I until a few years ago.

I only went to the water when I was swimming or doing other water activities.

All that changed when my partner and I visited some friends who lived in another country. They’d purchased a houseboat, which was quite intriguing to my wife and me. Needless to say, we fell in love with the lifestyle after the week we spent there. Later that year, we bought an old ship since we lived near the sea and began renovating it. This was going to be our forever home, so we had to make it quite lovely and even include heating and cooling. Turning the old ship into a home was a tall order since there were so many things to consider. At the top of my wife’s list was getting excellent air conditioning. She didn’t want to cook or freeze in the tin can, as she was fond of saying. Our friends helped us figure a lot of things out, and we also managed to track an AC company with experience installing HVAC systems on boats. The whole project took two years to complete. It cost alot, but there were certain issues like air conditioning that were taking some time to tackle. We couldn’t set up the heating system until the rooms were done. Luckily, the AC company was quite patient, and the AC company owner was quite intrigued by the whole project. The second winter, all the work was done, and the houseboat felt amazing thanks to the heating unit.


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