The AC worker wasn’t qualified to do the repair job

Marion had a long day, but he still wanted to find time to head to the gym.

There was a long weekend ahead, and he knew he’d not manage to work out with all the family around. So, instead of heading home, he drove to the gym and spent about an hour strength training. He’d come a long way in his health and physic from the time he started working out 5 years ago. Now he is stronger and always striving to improve his workouts. After he was done, he chose to go shower at home and got in his car. It was later spring, and he could already feel the weather changing, so Marion opted to turn on the cooling system when he got home. His house felt warm and stale because of the heat. He’d had the cooling unit for 8 years and took good care of it. But, it had been a year since the last service after the AC company he relied on closed shop. As Marion was getting ready to have some dinner, the cooling system stopped working. This had Marion worried because he loved sleeping with the cooling unit on nights like that. He had to find a new AC business in the area to come and assess the situation even if it was late. After locating one, he called them and they promised to send someone over immediately. A van pulled up an hour later and a young guy came to inspect the cooling system. He seemed so young so Marion asked to see his qualifications for the job. It turns out he wasn’t a qualified HVAC technician but a student doing his internship. Marion was annoyed since he’d been sent to fix the cooling system without a qualified AC technician coming along.



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