The bees stung myself and others over 40 times

I have constantly been legitimately careful around wasps plus other bees.

I am allergic to the sting of wasps plus hornets.

Occasionally it’s strenuous to tell what kind of bee I am plus countering, so I try to stay away from all situations that involve insects that buzz. I rarely have complications with bees plus wasps, but every once in a while I will encounter an issue. I was working on an AC service a couple of nights ago plus I had to unlink the shell from the outdoor AC equipment. As soon as I started to unlink some of the screws, I felt a sting on the back of our arm. The sting was so powerful that it made myself and others drop the drill I was using to unlink the screws. Suddenly more bees started to swarm the area. They were coming from inside the AC component. Was some over 40 times before I got away from the AC equipment plus into a safe place. I started to swell up love a balloon legitimately quickly. The owner of the lake house called 911, however I knew it was going to be quicker to drive myself to the emergency room. I barely made it through the doors as our throat was starting to close up. I didn’t have an EpiPen on myself and others at the time, however I will never go anywhere without a single now. I had to take 2 nights off labor after the bee incident. It took a long time before I got rid of the swelling plus our neck plus face.

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